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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Our singing concert

We had a lovely start to the day today when we all gathered in the hall for a sing song...i mean a concert...Jenny, our music teacher has been working with all the classes (and the staff) to learn songs to a standard ready for sharing. We sang "the Rattling Bog". It is a folk song with actions and ends withan elephant hatching from an egg!! Make sure you get your child to give you a demo at home tonight!!
It wqs particularly gratifyng when the whole school clapped along with us.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Letters to Santa.

Here is Joy posting our letters to Santa. We asked him "How are you?". We told him about some of the times we were good, like helping our friends and family, playing nicely with people, remembering to say sorry when we need to and using our manners. Then we asked very politiely for a present we would like to get!
Now we will just have to wait and see.

Room 6 race cars

Today we had the fun of watching the balsa wood race cars room 6 has been making go racing. The kids have carved plain blocks of balsa wood into aerodynamic shapes, then added wheels and paint. Today dteven set up the track whichnis two parallel wires in the hall. Each car had the wire threaded onto it, a gas jewt fitted and off they went. They were super fast. The kids had done a great job making them. Thanks for sharing Room 6!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Scale mapping

Today we went out and viewed our site. We have to decide where everything we moved is going to go now that we have cleared the space. So we cut out shoaes and placed them on a scale map to show what we each thought would work. We used a meter ruler to feel how wide a space was so we didn't cramp things up too much.
Come in and see our maps.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The latest from the garden

We have been working hard in the garden.
Joshua says " it was fun cutting down the tree because it was hard work".
Joe says," We worked so hard we are nearly done! We cut down a little tree and put it in the red bin"
GG says "it was fun clearing out the compost because i got to fill up people's buckets"
Chris liked using the big shovel because it was to fill the big buckets up with.
Eric says "it was a bit hard becuase we had to chop some of the weeds out."
Chris helped hammer in a nail to fix the bottle greenhouse.
We all feel very proud of our work. Look at the before pictures.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

We have been painting...

Over the last three weeks we have been learning how to mix our own paint colours and use the brush in different ways. Last week we painted a wash if clour on a piece of paper. Today we got to paint a picyure on that coloured background. It was a lot of fun. We read a story about Vincent van Gogh who was trying to paint lihht! No one liked his paintings when he was alive! Hopefully someone will like our pictures!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Day two in the garden

The weather stayed ok for us to get out and begin to shift the compost piles. This was hard work and we have done about half the job. We also had to keep stopping to look at all the creatures we found. Meanwhile jon and his group of boys got the worm farm out of its corner, turned it over and attached some wheels. thursday is going to be really messy cos the worm farm needs cleaning....
Remember to bring your boots and old clothes again on thursday and hope it doesn't rain.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Beginning our garden project

Over the next four weeks wea re going to work on revitalising the compost area of the garden behind the library. Today we went out to measure up the area, have an explore and collect some samples from the compost heap to examine. We wanted to find out what was living in that habitat. We discussed the ethics of handling tiny creatures and how we had to take care of them so we could take them back to the heap. We found slaters, worms, millipedes, some tiny insects, and ants. 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Justin and Jimmy came to help us with Firewise

The fire brigade came today to ehlp us bring all our firewise learning together. They were pleased we knew to check the smoke alarms, to have a safe meeting pllace and that you 'get down, keep low and get out' if there is a fire.  It is really important that we know our namean d address in case we need to ring 111 to ask for the firemen to come and put out a fire. 
We had fun role playing how to talk to the operator. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014


We learned about the history of the halloween traditions today. Then we played lots of games. We had to cooperate and play kindly together. There were lots of challenges too like eating a muncho off a rooe with no hnads and fishing fingers (baby carrots) out of the bucket of swamp had worms (noodles) and slime (lime jelly).
Joy even made us get our prizes out of the bucket of slime, yechhh!

Note taking in writing

We are going to be doing some work in the gardens over the next feww eeks. We need to find out about worms so we can redo the worm farm (dad's we will need your help soon....). So today we started reading a book about worms. Joy was teaching us how to take notes. We did a really good job. Our writing was really interesting and used words we learned from the book.

Kids can cook

On Wednesday chris Fortune came to help us taste some yummy food. He was really interesting. He picked some silverbeet, dill, spring onion and celery from our garden and rolled it up with some grated apple in a crepe he made. rona got to help him with the cooking. He called her a sous chef. That means second chef or second boss.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

End of term 3 already?

Well the end of term has arrived again. We are all tired and ready for a rest. We went out to watch the staff play the senior girls netball team and the senior boys basketball teams on thursday. Both school teams have won their grade so it was hard work. Troy, Stephen and Nic did their best harlem globetrotters routine and Joy got subbed on to Goal Attack. She usually played defence in her youth but to her and everyone elses amazement she managed to score a goal. Big thanks to Deb for being quick enough to capture the moment on her phone:
At final assembly Riley scored MVP for his hockey team. We wwre also proud to see Cruze collect bis certificate and book for graduating from Reading Recovery. Check out their proud and happy smiles.
I hope evryone has a lovely holiday. I am writing this post on the plane flying from LA to Dallas on my way to Little Rock to see my sister. Check out the gorgeous day. I spent an hour waiting to board my plane sitting in the sun watching plane after plane take off.

Chris's cool race car

Chris brought his race car to school today to show us its cool new paint job. He had a matching t shirt. It even has Russell Street School on it as one of his sponsers. It was very loud. We all sat on the path an watched him zip around on the grass. He had a big smile on his face when he got out!!

Te Tinana - te reo lesson on parts of the body

Today we had fun sticking the maori names of body parts on giant picture of ourselves. We drew round ourselves, well a buddy did, then coloured it in! Look how much room it took! We took the finished work home so hopefully we can hang them in our rooms..