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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Our new book that came in the post

Joy got this book in the post as a surprise, even she didn't know it was coming. Rosie is on TV and has her own games and blog that she will link our blog too. Wea re going to give it to Jean so everyone can read it. 
We liked this book because
Juliette - rosie delivered the milk just in time.
Jaylen - it was fun because it has interesting pictures made of photos and computer drawings - people had to draw them on to a computer first
Gg and Eric - we liked her adventures especially when she fell in the mud
Joe - i liked how she made a plan
David - she made a cow kite to fly with !
We noticed that it is a rhyming book which made it fun to listen to.


  1. Wow that looks like an interesting book Room 5. I love rhyming books - they are so much fun to read. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it. I would now like to read it too. Julie

  2. This looks like a fantastic book room 5, I wonder of you can make me an educreation so I can listen to you reading some of it?

  3. Rosie sounds like a bit of a character! Does she remind you of anyone you know? I love being introduced to new stories and books!