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Sunday, 7 September 2014

The next family presentations

Sandi very kndly helped these people do their presentations on Thursday. 
Elliot was very organised with a thinking map to remind him to tell us about how much fun he has at Keas. Scouting is very important to everyone in their family as his mum and dad and grandparents are leaders and were scouts and guides when they were young. He had a fantastic camp blanket with lots of badges on it. It was his dad's blanket and they even had granny's camp blanket too. He also loves going to Waiouru War Museum and on ANZAC day they always make sure they make ANZAC biscuits.

Eric told us about his trip to india earlier in the year. His family over there are very important to him. He enjoyed learning about life over there especially meeting some elephants and staying on a huge houseboat on an enormous lake.
Cullen gave his presentation too. He spoke with lots of confidence about his family. He told us about his little brother and his parents who came to help today. Great grandad came to help Cullen and we found out he takes Cullen to soccer practise every week. He tells Cullen he loves him, that he is his biggest fan and to have a great day which makes Cullen feel proud of himself.  He had pictures of things he is proud of like winning the School's Out spelling bee when he learned 50 words. He remembers going to Rotorua and going down the luge by himself.  He had his family crest shields from Ireland. His name is irish because dad's family comes from Ireland which he is proud of.
Brooke had photos of precious medals. She is obviously very proud of her family. She has medals from great great uncle did who went to war but didn't come home as his plane ceashed in the sea. They have a family quilt that Sid made for her nanny Tommy befor he went away. Now it is passed theough the family. 

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