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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tuesday's presentations

Today's team of presenters did a wonderful job and were wonderfully well prepared. 
Juliette began the afternoon telling about all the different places her family comes from around the world.  She had a fabulous lift the flap display. Juliette told us her Dad's family comes from England.. There was a photo of the whole family including. Great grandma Green. One photo was of her and her family in front of Kensington Palace in London
Her mother's family has links to Chile. Her Great great great grandad came from there. He was a diver and a whaler a long long time ago. He lived over a hundred years ago.
Another wonderful photo showed her great, great, great, great grandmother who was a maori chief's daughter who died in 1874.. More family lives in Australia. Her Grandad Kevy had some medals for being in the airforce. He used to fix aeroplanes and help with navigation.
Lastly she told us her great grandad jumped out of a burning plane during WW2. He got a medal shaped like a silk worm, which is very tiny, because he survived the jump.  Juliette had learned that they didn't smile in photos because the photos took a long time to takean d you weren't allowed to move.
Rona brought a Enid Blyton book that Marj had given Rona's mum when she was little. Now it is a favourite book of hers and she likes the Saucepan Man best.
Her nanny and koro live near the beach in Omaio . She had some great photos of the town of Omaio including a beach with pink sand. 
Her special thing she loves about herself is her birthday. She likes the date and has had some lovely cakes and presents.
She began by telling us about her grandad who would have been 108 years old if he was alive but he died in the 1960s. He had been a soldier in the first world war. Her family feels they are living a peaceful and lucky life because of the soldiers fighting the war. She showed us his medals.
She had some photos of her great grandfateher as an old man holding her father when he was a baby in nappies.
She had learned lots of facts about the first world war and the sacrifices the soldiers made. Then her father showed us a pressed flower they keep in their family bible. It was a poppy that grandad had picked as a soldier on Flanders Fields. 

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