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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Keeping ourselves safe

Thanks to those who came to the preparatory meeting last week. We have embarked on this project to  try and give the children some tools to help them look after themselves. Constable Helen came roday for her first lesson with the children. Below is a transcript of the thirty minute conversation she had with them. She is very frank and did not linger on any one point. She made sure the children were comfortable and treating the subject sensibly. It was good to introduce the correct rerminology for body parts in a non-threatening, relaxed way. It made the children feel quite grown up.
I will post the next lesson transcripts too. Come and see me if you need to.

KOS with Helen.

What makes people sad?
When people aren't nice/ mean
When you hurt yourself
When someone dies
When people can't join in the game

We have  to try and keep out bodies safe but sometimes accidents happen

Boys grow up to be men or dads
Girls who grow up to be mums or ladies

Think about how girls bodies are different from boys bodies
Their private parts - what are their privates called? Why do people laugh? They are just part of the body and have proper names. Which are penis for boys and vagina and breasts for girls.
In some countries they don't wear clothes but we do so we don't see each other all the time and keep ourselves covered up so we feel funny when we see people or say the words.

Why do we call it privates - because we keep them covered up and they are just for us.

Who does your body belong to? Myself
Our bodies are our own - it is up to us who touches our bodies
Who can touch us?
Doctors - so they can see what has happened
Mum and Dad - to hug us, to help us get washed
Hospital people - to help you, do xrays
Dentist - in your mouth
Teacher - to help you
Friends - to play games

Nice touching
Holding hands - not squeezing hard
Pat on the back
High five
Arm round the shoulder

Bad touch
What about if someone touched your private parts what would you do.
Run away to tell the duty teacher / adult
Say stop it I don't like it
Hand reminder about what to do -  stop sign, walk, talk

Are people allowed to touch you on your privates ? No

Then we had a story that underlined the ideas from the lesson, my body belongs to me, your body belongs to you, nobody touches me unless i want them to, no one touches you unless you want them to.

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