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Thursday, 23 October 2014

KOS lesson 2 uncomfortable touch

KOS day 2

Review of last lesson - what did we talk about last time
Our bodies
Names of body parts - we don't giggle because they are just a part of our body like nose or arm
Remember the story we had when the little girl wasn't sure about the doctor having a look at it. She felt shy about showing him her bottom after she fell on it. She changed her mind when the teacher would stay with her and keep her safe.
We talked about touch we like and don't like.

We started with some picture stories.
1. Taylor is packing up for school. Mum takes him to the bus stop and gives him a hug goodbye.
Why did mum walk with him? To keep him safe
How did the hug make him feel? Happy, it is nice touch.

2. Taylor goes out at lunchtime and likes going on the slide. Someone from another class pushes him very hard out of the way.
Who likes slides?
Why did the other boy push him? To get a turn. 
Is that what we do? No, you have to be patient
How did Taylor felt? What was he thinking? Sad, why did they do that
What should he do? Tell an adult

3. Taylor goes next door to play. He meets cousin Jay who helps him make a sandwich. Jay puts his hands down Taylor's pants.
Why did taylor go nextdoor? To play
Who was staying? Their cousin Jay
How did Taylor feel? Sad
What should he do? Tell an adult
We used the had reminder to remember what to do - say Stop, walk away, tell and adult.
Why did jay put his hands in Taylor's  pants. Because he was naughty, what he did was wrong, we know that we don't touch people's privates ever.

We did some role plays about touching we don't like (hair pulling, too hard hugging, tickling, hand in the wrong place.) for the children to practise what to do when things happen we don't like,
Tell an adult
Suggest a better way to hug
Say stop it, walk away, tell an adult
Know that if someone touches you in the wrong place they will have to sit out at lunchtime

A story "i like you to make jokes with me"
A boy is shopping with mum. There is a big man who works at the store who scares the boy a bit. One day he tickled the boy and scared him. He ran to mum for a cuddle. The man came to see what was the matter. Mum told him he had scared her son. He said sorry, that he was a silly man and not to be scared. At home mum said if he scared him again the boy had to tell him. The boy hoped mum would but mum said he had to do it. Next time at the supermarket the boy wanted to get some strawberries but the man was too near. The boy said " i like it when you make jokes with me but, i don't want you to touch me" "OK" he said.
Next time they went they found the man at checkout and he just smiled and said hello to him. The boy was pleased because he didn't touch him. "Of course I didn't said the man because you asked me not to!"

Why did the boy feel better about the man at the end? Because he had done what he was asked and respected their decision.

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