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Thursday, 23 October 2014

KOS lesson 3 Secrets and tricks

KOS Lesson 3 Secrets and tricks

Recap yesterday's lesson.

Constable Helen had some cards with situations on them to think about.
1. Picture of a present
Think about this - One of  your Dad's friends you don't know ell says he has a special present for you and he wants you to come by yourself to get it . What could you do to feel safe?
Ask an adult to come with you.

2. Picture of lollies
Think about this - you have gone to the beach with your parents. You kick your ball away. Some big kids come and say you can have a big bag of lollies if you come in the sandhills with them. What should you do?
Go and see mum and dad - never go with people you don't know. Ahk an adult to come with you.

3. Picture of a school.
Think about this - you are waiting for the oerson who picks you up after school. Someone you don't know comes past and says mum has asked them to come and pick you up. Do you go with them?
Run to a safe place - inside the school and see Ag. 
Think - do you think your mum and dad would send a stranger to pick you up? No - they might ring the other parent to get you, ring Ag to send you a message to wait in the office.
Do you stay out the front waiting when everyone has gone home? No, come back inside and see if Ag can find out what has happened

4. Picture of a baby
Think about this - an adult from the school asks you to go home with them to see their new baby by yourself. What should you do?
Tell them you would have to ask mum and dad first
We never go somewhere with anyone without telling mum and dad.

5. Picture of money
Think about this - an adult or big kid sits by you on the couch and says they will give you $20 if you take your underpants off. What will you do.
Say no, go and find mum.
They say they will give you more money.....say no, and go find mum.
Why? That is a private part of our bodies, no one touches us for fun, no one should ask you to take your underwear off.

How should you say No?
Say it loudly and firmly, like you mean it. Then walk away straight away and tell an adult.

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