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Monday, 23 June 2014


IWe are finding out about insulation this week. Today we tested which clothing keeps a cup of hot water hottest. We tried out Joy's scarf, Cullen's  jacket, Elliot's jersey and some newspaper.
After 18 minutes we tested them . The scarf kept the water warmest at 49C, then newspaper and jacket at 48C. The jersey was just last with 47C. The control, the cup we left on the table by itself was 43C at the end.
We decided that showed us that it would help us stay warm if we put on a jacket or other warm clothes when we went out in the cold.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Come to assembly...

Please come and see us do our play next. Friday 27th of june at assembly in the hall. 
This week we need to practiceur moves.
Girls need to practise our revolted, disgusted, ooh yuck faces.
Boys need to practise being the meanies and eating and drinking in a yucky way!
Pease help remind us to practise in front of the mirror so we cans ee how we look.
There will be all sorts of other interesting and exciting things to see at assembly too.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Jaylen's awesome description

We are practising writing descriptions in out independent writing groups at the moment. This is Jaylen's great description. I hope it inspires the blue writing group tomorrow.

The pinecone is big. It is like a road on the top. There is a web in the pinecone. I thought there wasa s pider. I thought the spider was in the web because it is dark in the pinecone.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A day of music and sport....and literacy!

What a busy day. At 9 o'clock a pipe band came to play for us on the top courtyard. They sounded so amazing - very loud but they made our hearts race.
Then we had catch me if You Can practise. We tried a new game called 'windows' where we had ro run round rhe circle of people and stop to throw and catch the ball in each space. Whew!
Next, after we did some inside work(!) we went to the hall to listen to a drum band - Jen and Rob had tought them awesome skills all morning so they could show them off to us before lunch. Wow!!!
And then after lunch we had grasshopper tennis with Big John. 
What a day!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bailey is a book stack

Bailey weighed less than everyone else in her group. Bailey weighs 17 kg. does that pile of books!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Kinetic energy, and heat and light

Over the last couple of weeks we have been experimenting with kinetic energy to try and understand how we can give energy to things and make them move. The best part was making ramps and trying to make a ramp to make the cars go faster each time.
Today we used kinetic energy to light a match. The kinetic energy turned into light and heat in the flame. We were trying to feel the rays of heat coming out of the candle - rays mean the heat goes across a space to get us without us having to touch the hot thing...that would hurt.

In the black and white glass the candle is burning. We were watching to see if the black parts got hotter faster than the white bits. The butter holding the pins on started to melt and made the pins start to droop....on the black space. Yay.
It has been really interesting trying to draw diagrams that show what we are finding out. The most fun is being molecules all jiggling around. We squash up to be solids, then spread out to be a liquid when we get hot. Finally we spread out all round the room to be lonely gas molecules.
Chloe has been learning about animal science too. She found out that dolphins can get caught in fishing nets and then they drown. She was very worried about them.