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Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Minstre, and. Mrs. minstrel and the Hiwi the Kiwi show.

It was awesome sai Elliot. It was exciting said Riley. He talked to us about fishing safety like....if you catch a big fish you need to put it back in the water cos it might have babies, always pick a fish up with a wet towel, when you go on a boat ALWAYS wear a LIFEJACKET. They help you float. We liked his songs.
Elliot knew that kai moana neant food from the sea and got a poster and a sticker. And Eric told a fishing story and he got a poster and a sticker. Yayayayayay.
We are all writing fishing stories so we can try and win a fantastic fishing rod. Ask us how our stories are going.


We are starting our homework spelling program this week. Each student has a spelling notebook that must stay in their reading bag. Each day they will practise the words during reading time. At each night they should also practise the words, in the notebook at least once, until they can write them without looking. On Friday we will buddy test the words.
Later words they try spelling during writing time will appear in their notebook to work on. 
There are suggestions for ways to practise in the front of the notebook. 
Have fun

Friday, 25 July 2014

Week one - success!

What a good first week. Bridget had a great time getting us started while I was in hospital and the art the class did looks great and celebrates india, our first country we are studying and where Riya and Eric's families come from.
Here is our first attempts to draw elephants...wait until you see our finished efforts next week.
And Cruze has come back to school just fizzing about learning. He has been enjoying writing about one of his stories and Julie sent me this photo of his writing. isn't he clever?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Matariki and our school hangi

We had an amazing matariki celebration today. Not only did we have a hangi and yummy food to share but we also brought all our science learning together to see if we could answer the big question this does a hangi cook your food?
We went out lots of times to check on what was happening. We came back to the classroom to draw diagrams of what we had seen. We even had a look at what the steam was doing inside the hangi by watching Joy boil up water inthe electric there wasa. Lot of steam and it was so hot too.
Some of us were surprised by the smoky flavour in the vegs but just about everyone really liked the food. Well done Nic - you did a great job.


What an amzing presentation the kids made at assembly on Friday.  We had spent the two weeks before making costumes and props, practising every day and working with our buddies so it would be alright on the day. 
The hosts (Rebecca and Elliot) spoke clearly and attended to their audience. I was also very proud that they moved into position for their class performances without any fuss.
The whole class looked amazing in their costumes and moved around the stage perfectly as they acted out the big book. Thanks to Abby from room 6 for reading for us.
Aaliah spoke beautifully and explained rhe science concepts so well. The rest of the class performed their demonstrations perfectly.  Steven was very impressed.
Juliette, Chloe, Joe and Rona worked very hard to be able to show everyone how to say what day of the week it is and what the weather is like in maori.
Daniela shared her writing  and showed that if the ideas are clearly expressed the piece of writing doesn't have to be pages long.
Well done everyone. Can't wait till next term.