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Monday, 17 February 2014

Joshua's new friends

Joshua caught two cicadas this morning and brought them inside to show us. David thought they might be poisonous. Joe noticed that Joshua thought they were tickly. Joshua said they stuck to him. Joy said they look like little robots.  Then Joshua took them back outside.

Buddy Challenge Day

On Thursday we had Buddy Challenge Day. It wasCloudy, rained a bit....and lots of fun.  Wew orked well with our big buddies.  Here we are at Joy's challenge. We had to use big bits of cardboard as stepping stones to get our team from one end of the course to the other. It took a little while to get into rhythm and then Joy nicked some stepping stones!  We weref aster thes econd time tho!

Kelly sports

The other day we had fun when Kelly Sports came to school. We shared the time with Fiona's class and tried out all sorts of skills.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

First Discovery time

Today we had our first Discovery Time.  We did lots of building activites so we could xpractise our sharing and turn taking skills. Our value this term is Kotahitanga/togetherness so we can get really good at doing things with other people and use the magic words Please, Thank You and Sorry to help things go well. Here is the list of ideas we had about what a visitor would see, hear and feel while we were busy.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Koru designs

We are learning about kotahitanga or togetherness.  We are going to make a mural to show our team spirit next week. Today we practised drawing and painting koru designs ready for next week.  Aaliah said you have to be really careful when you draw them because to make sure they are perfect and ready to hang on the wall.  GG said drawing a koru means you need to be able to draw spirals.  Eric said that when you are plaiting you have to draw it nicely because the paint is harder to draw with.  Joe said we go round and round and it makes you a bit dizzy!

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Welcome to Room 5 - Quintessential. There is so much adventure and exciting things to discover ahead of us this year.
Swimming and Catch Me if you can start next week - on MONDAY!! If you would like to come down and be part of the swimming programme you are more than welcome to join us at 2.20 Monday or 2.10 on Wednesday and Thursday.
Library day will be on Tuesday until we finish Swimming at the end of week 6, then it will be Monday every week.
It would really help if your child has a small snack for brainfood ready in their lunchbox as they will be responsible for getting it out when we break for a snack each morning.  Please also make sure your child wears shoes they can run about in easily and a change of clothes in case of accidents!
Really looking forward to meeting you all on Tuesday the 11th during our Meet the Parents evening. Have a great week and drop in any time.