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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Look Cruze - this is our new book

The fantastics reading group are really good at helping each other with their learning. Here is David showing Cruze their new book. Cruze had been at Reading Recovery and arrived late to group so David made sure Cruze knew all about the book. He did a great job!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

"Down by the sea' with Rebecca and Chloe

We have been learning how to use Educreations to practise our reading. Here is Rebecca and Chloe's effort.  Well done girls.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Our new book that came in the post

Joy got this book in the post as a surprise, even she didn't know it was coming. Rosie is on TV and has her own games and blog that she will link our blog too. Wea re going to give it to Jean so everyone can read it. 
We liked this book because
Juliette - rosie delivered the milk just in time.
Jaylen - it was fun because it has interesting pictures made of photos and computer drawings - people had to draw them on to a computer first
Gg and Eric - we liked her adventures especially when she fell in the mud
Joe - i liked how she made a plan
David - she made a cow kite to fly with !
We noticed that it is a rhyming book which made it fun to listen to.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Buddy swim

We had a lovely time with room 6 this morning when we joined them for a swim. We played the ball game with bog girls vs little girls, then big boys vs little boys then all the girls vs all the boys.  That was a lot of people in the water but we were ok. 

When we got back wce hung out our towels and togs to dry. Joy said she could remember doing that when she was little. Won't our mum's be pleased when we get home.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

David reads about David!

David came to read to us today because Joy had found a book called "David grts in trouble". There is another book about David that he wants to read to us so we will have to look for it.  David helped us think about how we can be sensible and stay out of trouble.
Thanks David.

Juliette made a raft from her reading book instructions

I didn't use wood like they did in the book. I used sticks we use for thes trawberries (bamboo). I cut the string with scissors and i cut the paper to put it on the stick. I put the playdough on and stuck the stick in it to stand up.   Dad told me a good way to put the playdough on.
I think it looks great Juliette. Well done.  Dad must have listened to your reading very well so he could help you.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Our koru whanau

Here is our art that demonstrates kotahitanga in our class. It is a koru whanau growing out of some writing about how we show kotahitanga. That is the soil our koru are growing out of.  The koru grow out of each other to make a link between each of us.
There was absolute quiet while we cut out our koru as all the children concnetrated hard to do a beautiful job. Didn't they do well?  The nicest part was the support and encouragement the children gave me at the end when I was wobbling up the tall ladder to put it on the wall!!!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Library time

We love visiting the Hub and exploring all the books. We can get two boks out each week IF we remember to bring our books back first. They can come back any day of the week and go in our library book box by Joy's office.