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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Our koru whanau

Here is our art that demonstrates kotahitanga in our class. It is a koru whanau growing out of some writing about how we show kotahitanga. That is the soil our koru are growing out of.  The koru grow out of each other to make a link between each of us.
There was absolute quiet while we cut out our koru as all the children concnetrated hard to do a beautiful job. Didn't they do well?  The nicest part was the support and encouragement the children gave me at the end when I was wobbling up the tall ladder to put it on the wall!!!


  1. Well done quintessential that must have been hard work.

  2. I love your koru whanau quintessential! I like your ideas on how you can show kotahitanga as well as the beautiful koru's you created. You should be very proud of your work!

  3. wow good work I really liked what you guys did :)

  4. wow! I really like what you guys did. :)