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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Making ice cream

Today was very exciting. We made some 
using bags of ice and salt to super cool some bags of cream, sugar, and vanilla.  We predicted the mixture would change colour, go hard, stay runny, by cold, warm up, all sorts of ideas!  While we waited for our turn to roll the bag around we comleted our prediction sheet.  Finally, after the bags got drippy and our fingers got frozen, we had a look in the bags. Some of the cream had gone into hard lumps, some was still runny....we ate it anyway. It was amazing. Here are the instructions so we can try it at home.

Here is some of the ice with salt on the outside. The ice helps keep the ice from melting so it stays cold. It even stuck some ice cubes together. is 3,30 and the ice is still frozen!!!!! Wow!

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