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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The NED show

Today we had a visit from the NED show. The main message was never give up, keep on trying. Be brave. Gary did some amazing tricks with his yoyo.  He asked us to think about making good choices so we can be champions.
NED stands for
N- never give up
E - encourage others
D - do your best

Never giving up means you have to listen, do your homework, and keep on trying because everything you learnnis yours forever.
He reminded us that you can help (or hurt) people with the words you say. When you give someone a compliment it makes you feel good too.
A pencil helps us remember to do your best. The rubber on the top reminds us we make mistakes but you can rub it out, have another go and learn from your mistake and move on. 

He made Arisha a balloon hat that he called brain fireworks cos that is what happens when you learn something new.
When the show finished we came back and made NED posters to take home.

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