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Monday, 1 September 2014

Our family stories and treasures

Each day over the next two weeks we will havea turn at sharing a family treasure, a family story and a favourite memory of our own. 

She brought the Rastrick family crest - the words say - rose without a thorn - it stands for hope and joy. Their Family tree has been traced back 300 years to a village called Rastrick, near Halifax, inEngland. 
Howard Teppett, her great garnadad was the doctor in Foxton for over 40 years. There is a rose garden with his name on in Foxton to remember him.  He also liked to make things - even his own tv, telescope and yacht. 
Her special memory is about when she spoke at assembly in front of the whole school. She felt special and liked the responsibility of speaking.
Barbara is a special person who took care of her when she was a baby. She had a photo of her as a baby with her mum and dad.
Her grandfather won a medal in the war. One was in Italy.
Her special memory is of releasing a hihi bird back to the wild. She has also seen pigmy blue whale that had got stranded on the beach. She wants to be a ranger like her dad.

Joe had his great grandad's WW2 medals. He was an airforce driving instructor. He got shot in the elbow! His great grandad's name was Forster. Joe spends ANZAC day remembering him and feels very proud and special. 
His Great grandad Victor  - was born in ireland. He has a photo of the o'Dourhty family crest which has a stag on it. The crest reminds the family of grandad Victor. It sits by his urn at his uncle's.
He had a before and after photo of his First haircut last year. His mum cried a little bit. She even kept his hair so she could remember it. 
Josharn also bought along their family tablcloth that they use at xmas. It has all their names on it. His mum got emotional showing it. It was started in 1998 and is still being added to as people are added as they die. 

She had a cowbell from switzerland that her grandfather put on his cows so he knew where they were. Her nana's name is Heidi and she lives in Switzerland. She has a book about a girl called Heidi and her adventures in the mountains of Switzerland. 
Her favourite memory is of her 6th birthday. She remembers they had hawaiian pizza with ham , cheese, and pineapple. She got an Ariel doll and had waffles for morning tea...with a candle on it. She loved going to the beach and seeing the huge waves and she took Ariel for a swim.

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